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Saturday, May 15

DIY days

one of the things i love about summer is having a bit of free time to invest in all the DIY projects that have been collecting during the semester. here are a few that i have planned for the next month or so...

homemade citronella candles in a variety of interesting containers will keep the mosquitoes away while we enjoy dinner & mojitos on the back porch.

continuing to redesign our office... i am searching for some inexpensive file cabinets and plan on giving them a wallpaper face-lift!

this self-watering herb garden is the perfect way to add a few more herbs to my collection. i love the re-purposing of old bottles, and the ease of a window-sill garden. i think i may use wine bottles to allow the plants a bit more room to grow.

i am so in love with these filament lights! they would look great over the bookshelf that will soon inhabit our living room. this project, however, may be a bit more complicated, so i may have to call for backup. good thing my dad is an electrician.

do you have any projects planned for the summer? do share!

images via design*sponge
copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Kb_Mal said...

Love it all, but you're especially making me want to get a file cabinet so I can give it my own wallpaper facelift!

Jodi Kendall said...

what great DIY projects! I've never made homemade citronella candles before, but definitely should with the bugs up here :)

also love those wallpapered drawers.

Claire Kiefer said...

wallpaper file cabinets is such a fantastic idea!

Ann On and On... said...

Good projects. I would love to see a tutorial on the candles.... :D

Unknown said...

Oooh all of these projects are so inspiring! I've been meaning to make a bunch of things but the time keeps slipping away from me.

Blair McLeod said...

loving the candles!

erin said...

love that filing cabinet and love love love LOVE those lights. good thinking on calling daddy-o. i find myself getting way too overwhelmed by the thought of those sorts of projects (esp. since i'm a single gal too) and quit before i start.

i need to call dad more....unless your dad is available for contract. :)


clare @ the pretty walrus said...

Love those lights!

This summer, believe it or not, I am doing up my garden! I'll blog about it soon... watch this space! :)

beccaweber said...

i've been seeing those lights EVERYWHERE! serious decor trend, esp in bars and gastropubs. and i LOVE that self-watering herb garden! thanks for sharing :)

Susane said...

Want to do a how-to on the candles?? Please & thank you!!