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Friday, May 14

fajita craze

ever since i made these fajitas a couple weeks ago, i have been craving them non-stop. there is really nothing special about the recipe; sometimes the simplicity of a few ingredients paired with the perfect seasoning is all you need.

i have decided that the marinade is what makes the dish. it's really simple, actually. just a couple tablespoons of canola or olive oil, the juice of a fresh lime, the juice of a fresh orange, and a hodgepodge of spices. i used black pepper, cumin, garlic, minced onions, oregano, and cilantro.

note: you can actually buy a pre-measured mix of these spices in a mccormick seasoning pack. {look for it in the spice aisle.} it's perfect if you don't want to buy the individual spices or don't think you will use them again.

we added sour cream and fresh avocado to ours as the perfect finishing touch. delish.

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stylebyrachael said...

I love how delicious and easy fajitas are!! Perfect every time!

Arlynn said...

Mmm... I love making fajitas!!! Especially for a crowd - it's such a fun, casual & interactive dish. Not to mention that anything that goes with chips, salsa & queso is a winner in my book :-)

Claire Kiefer said...

YUM! Looks so good! Thanks for sharing this delish idea . . . and happy weekend. :)

McMel said...

mmm, i just bought the stuff to make fajitas before reading this post. yummmmy!

Valerie said...

These look so delicious! I love all types of fajitas too and once I have them, I crave them for weeks. So simple and satisfying.


erin said...

It's amazing what a difference a little citrus can do to a dish! yum!