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Monday, May 3

end of an era

i feel like lately i have been in a bit of a fashion rut... skinny jeans, v-neck tees, cardigans, oversized tanks, blazers. {hence the lack of outfit posts.} i know that part of it is the endless pile of schoolwork that has been consuming my life, and in exactly four days it will be over. even still, i have been searching recently for inspiration....

kate spade spring 2010

as much as i love these images from the kate spate spring 2010 collection, i feel like this is all i wear. although it's definitely fun for days spent running errands or at school, i think i am ready to move past this style. i find myself wanting something more subtly sexy and chic. part of it is due my small stature and young looking face. i love the bright colors in the KS looks, but i feel like it compounds the age issue. i know that i will always be mistaken for being younger than my actual age, but i am weary of sales women asking me if the professional clothes i buy are for college interviews.

so i have been thinking of something more along these lines...

elle china
aimee on

based on the photos i have been bookmarking lately as fashion inspiration, i have decided that my style needs a bit more of the following:

black & neutrals
killer heels
a killer black handbag
smokey eye makeup

what do you do and where do you go when you feel like it's time to re-invent your personal style?

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Blair McLeod said...

ooh i need some of all of that!

Claire Kiefer said...

killer heels is an EXCELLENT thing to have on the list ;)