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Tuesday, May 4

when i grow up

the other day as i was leaving for an important meeting, i caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror near our front door. dressed in my most professional {read: conservative} attire with my hair piled on top of my head, i almost looked like a different person. it was hard to believe that the person in the mirror who looked so polished, professional, and put-together was the same one who used to work at urban outfitters and wear holey diesel jeans and chuck taylors every day.

image courtesy of laura burlton

when i was little my desired career path changed on a weekly basis depending on what i was surrounded by. at some point in my childhood i wanted to be....

1. a dolphin
2. a marine biologist {i figured if i couldn't be a dolphin, this was the next best thing.}
3. the owner of an ice cream shop
4. a ballerina
5. a doctor {i went back to this one many times}
6. the owner of a bookstore

it's funny to think sometimes how we have ended up where we are, especially when we never thought that it is where we would be.

what did/do you want to be when you grow up?

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Lindsay said...

Ah, I'm nervous about that moment in my life when I look in the mirror and I know that I've completely grown up! You wanting to be a dolphin made me laugh out loud, too cute.
I decided I wanted to be a writer in the 3rd grade, and it changed to a photographer a few years ago, but now I'm back to being a writer and set on it. I believe it's destined for me :)

Ann On and On... said...

Love this post! I wanted to be happy....(I was then and I am still today...a lot of days in between not so happy.)

Liesl said...

I absolutely adore this post and think I might do a similar one on my blog, if that is OK and I will link it to yours! :)

Now, I must go back and think through all the things I wanted to be, but a elementary education teacher was definitely one of them!

Liesl :)

AsianCajuns (Lar) said...

What a fun post, Ashley! No surprise on your #4. That was my #1 (specifically a prima ballerina with ABT) until I was about 17. In college it was head curator at any major museum or gallery around the world. Now it's freelance designer!

beccaweber said...

oh man, i always figured your life was one to be desired! :)

Blair McLeod said...

i wanted to be a zoologist.. like jack hannah.... then i realized i'm horrible at math and science.... that was the end of that. i still want to hold baby animals... and that was all i thought zoologist did. that & save endangered animals...

clare @ the pretty walrus said...

I wanted to be an air hostess. I think it was all about the neat uniforms, and the 'being able to go to any country FREE'!

I got very close once, but I don't regret it not happening now.