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Thursday, June 17

Sand, Sun, and Satisfaction

This past weekend husband and I took a trip to Amelia Island, Florida to see two of our favorite friends get married. It was also a great excuse to spend some time on the beach and get away from the hubbub of our daily routines.

Like little children afraid of missing a single moment of adventure, we were up alarmingly early each morning to take in the calm quietness of the ocean sunrise.

Our afternoons consisted of nothing more than swimming in the ocean, lounging in the sun, and watching as many World Cup games as we could find. I spent a vast majority of our vacation lying in the sand while wearing my favorite bikini. So much so that I didn't wear a single "nice" outfit that I had packed.... and it was wonderful.

My long, curly hair stayed wet and slightly tangled from sand, salt, and ocean water, but I honeslty didn't care. As much as I love to dress up and be fancy, I simply thrive at the beach. There is just something about the ocean that soothes my soul.
{F21 earrings, UO sunnies, Essie Mod Squad polish}

Our meals were spent beach side or pool side, totally casual and laid back, which was absolutely perfect. The constant breeze that follows the coastline made the days bearable and the evenings quite lovely.
{H&M scarf, Target earrings, UO sunnies, AA tank}

After dinner each night we took a blanket and camera to the beach and enjoyed the sunset and the vast array of stars that came out as the night grew darker.

I think the best part of our trip was finally having time together without schedules, responsibilities, and social commitments. Our decisions revolved solely around what we wanted to do. It was really nice to just be for a little while... to have time to relax, catch up, and just be silly together.

Here's wishing that you find some time this summer to do exactly the same thing with someone that you love.

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FourJedis said...

Lovely pictures. We spent our anniversary at Amelia Island last year and it was relaxing, romantic, beautiful, and fun. Such fond memories... it was my first time away from my youngest and it couldn't have been better! Love the swimsuit.

Arlynn said...

Looks like you had a wonderfully relaxing time :-) And I hope you love Amelia Island now as much as I do! Welcome home!

stylebyrachael said...

Oh, that first picture is just perfection!!

McMel said...

oh, how fun! amelia island was our childhood vacation spot- and sadly i haven't been since college. of course the only beaches near me now are "lake beaches." i'm hoping to see the ocean next summer though!

Blair McLeod said...

looks like a fabulous time!! i wish i could go duplicate all of that right now..i could use some good R&R!

Breezer said...

What pretty pictures!! I'm so glad you had a nice time!! Looks amazing. I could totally use a beach getaway . . .

Unknown said...

Love them!!