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Monday, August 30

All the Small Things

Sometimes it's really easy to let small frustrations pile up and overwhelm us. This past week has been wrought with little difficulties and insignificant battles, but instead of allowing them to define my week, I decided to focus on the small, wonderful things in my life.

1. My wedding ring - a constant reminder that no matter what, we're in it together.
2. The feeling you get when walking out of the theater after a really great movie.
3. The smell of new leather, especially in the form of a jacket.
4. Sitting on my couch, painting my nails.
5. Getting so lost in a great book that I don't realize it's well after 3 am.
6. Spending hours in a coffee house with my bestie, just talking and laughing.
7. The soundtrack to Crazy Heart. 
8. The slight fall breeze that crept up on me this morning as I went out to run.

Where are you finding happiness these days?

image via we heart it
copyright Hiking in Stilettos


FourJedis said...

Good wine, goat cheese, girl talk, uninterrupted time in the kitchen, and early date nights. And the 5 minutes in the morning when my boys are in a good mood.

Liesl said...

Such a positive and great post! I'm trying to find those things I am happy about as well, especially when things can be all over the important! :)

Liesl :)

Mere said...

I also love sitting on the couch painting my nails while watching my latest TV obsession.

Cooking at home with my husband also makes me so happy!

Recipe of the Month! said...

great post! it's nice to be reminded of the things that make us all happy.

elizabeth shay said...

thanks for the reminder to step back and stay positive even things are shitty.

i love finding happiness in:
- the smell of treats baking in the oven
- a cool breeze on a 95 degree day
- crossing things off my to-do list
- the knowledge of a long weekend ahead (even if it is only monday)

Erin said...

YOU! :)