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Friday, August 27

Southern Traditions: Banana Pudding

Living in the south, summer and banana pudding go hand in hand. It's just not summer without it. With a hectic work schedule, a couple school rotations, and preparing for the fall, I have somehow made it through an entire summer without any homemade banana pudding, so I decided that this southern tradition was absolutely necessary this week.

I used this simple recipe and was certainly not disappointed.

Happy Weekend.

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Liesl said...

I love, love, love banana flavored things like cream pie and especially milkshakes and I was just looking at the bananas I have this morning and wondering what I could use them in for something different...perhaps I must make a southern tradition!

Liesl :)

McMel said...

oh, that looks so yummy!! my brother chooses banana pudding as his "birthday cake" - it's so good! paula deen also has an amazing recipe- she uses the chessman cookies instead of nilla wafers- it's incredible!

Blair McLeod said...

yum! and so pretty in that big dish!