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Wednesday, August 25

Band-Aid Chic

When I was young, I was always falling off my bike or getting bruises playing baseball. Often, my favorite part of the experience was the colorful band-aids that my mom kept on hand. While my use of band-aids today is typically limited to blisters from new shoes, I adore these artful ones from Cynnthia Rowley. I kind of wish I had a few scrapes to cover....


images via Cynthia Rowley
Copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Anna Walker said...

I love love love the first one with sequins!! I just bought new shoes that are killing my heels! (they dig in :/) These would be perfect! :)

Who says first aid doesn't have to be fun and stylish?

Anonymous said...

almost an encouragement to possibly go hiking in SHORTS. haha.

Regnboge said...

Oh, they're wonderful!

Hm, what about just pretend to have fallen off your bike again and get:
1.: an awesome band-aid
2.: lots og hugs and pats on the head.

Very tempting indeed:P

julia said...

I didn't know band-aids this cute existed!

FourJedis said...

Those are adorable. They kind of make me want to have a daughter. For now, though, we'll stick with camouflage and sponge bob bandaids. My kiddos are addicted! Although I wouldn't mind some flare for my boo boobs.