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Wednesday, September 1

Pantry Staples

One of the things I find most intriguing about another person's home is what is in their pantry. Not their choice of living room decor or vibrant paint colors, but their choices in food. The things we decide we just can't live without, those that our cupboards are never deprived of, those things spark my interest. 

It's different for everyone. In college, my food staples were chicken (tofu) nuggets, hummus, sharp cheddar, and Nesquick hot chocolate mix. As I have gotten older, my tastes have evolved a bit, but the comfort of hot cocoa on a late night is something that I never forget. In fact, it is still a mainstay in my home, especially during the colder months.

My pantry is always full of:

1. Sunbutter - delish with apple & banana slices
2. Lara bars - a great snack and 100% natural
3. Almond milk - the perfect addition to a morning smoothie
4. Avacado - added to just about anything
5 & 6. Chicken & Apple sausage and turkey bacon - the best addition to a weekend brunch 
Applegate Farms is 100% natural, no nitrates!
7. Dark chocolate - an absolute must

{I'm trying this. I've been modifying my diet for the past few weeks, and I already feel better. Granted, I haven't given up my coffee creamer or my desserts yet, (Ahem, anyone for some banana pudding??) but I have high hopes.}

What are your pantry staples?

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stylebyrachael said...

That first picture looks divine!

Erica said...

Avocado for sure! I like Luna bars, but I've been wanting to try out Larabars to see if I like those as well... carrots and hummus are my go-to snack! Yum it's making me hungry :)

Erin said...

La Croix
Italian Sweet Cream 1/2 and 1/2
Pinot Grigio
Coffee Yogurt
Turkey Bacon
Fruit Salad from Publix
String Cheese
Gold Fish

McMel said...

hmm, this is tough. giving up desserts is very tough- don't think i ever can/will

we have some similar staples:

1. peanut butter or almond butter
2. almond milk (i like almond breeze best)
3. luna bars (although i've been buying lara bars lately)
4. pecan pancake mix
5. feta or goat cheese
6. dark chocolate- you're right, a must
7. sweet tea

Liesl said...

Yummy and I love the heart shapes! Fun!

Liesl :)

Blair McLeod said...

sunbutter? never heard of it.

LOVE lar bars!

Jamie - Thrifty Threads said...

Sunbutter, yum! My pantry always always has almonds, cheddar soy crisps, Luna bars, and Rao's Homemade Marinara sauce. Rao's is a bit pricey for marinara, but it is just so darn delicious!

Unknown said...

We always have
long grain wild rice
mozzerella cheese sticks
reeces peanut butter cups in the freezer

: )

Your blog is very, very pretty.

heather said...

I always used to have Lara bars too... love those raw beauties! (but we don't get them here). I also always used to have tortilla chips + salsa and almond butter. But that's changed here too. My pantry generally has dark chocolate, but I've been eating suprisingly little chocolate lately, coffee, simple cereals + granola + oats, dried fruits, baking supplies, dried beans. Pre-pregnancy, there was also always wine!