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Wednesday, September 8

Weekend Adventure No. 6: Mount Yonah

As a small get-away for the long weekend, husband and I drove up to Cleveland to visit some of our favorite friends. We spent the weekend lavishing in the cooler weather, reading under blankets on the porch early in the morning, eating homemade salsa, blueberry muffins, and peach creme cobbler, and sunning on the top of Mount Yonah.

The hike to the top was short, but filled with rocks and slightly steep climbs that left my sinus-infected self a bit winded. I have to say, though, that end result was absolutely worth the effort. We dallied for over an hour at the top of the mountain, sitting on the rocky outcropping and watching the birds & planes fly by. The cool breeze, brilliant blue sky, and warm sun made the day absolutely perfect.

Up above the rock outcropping is a large clearing that is perfect for a campsite. The hike is short and moderate in difficulty due to the steep rock, but I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone (read: even less seasoned hikers)! It's also an easy day hike if camping just isn't your thing.

How did you spend your long weekend?


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Liesl said...

Looks beautiful, relaxing and refreshing!

I spent my long weekend getting super organized and downsizing the mass amounts of things I own, but parting with many of them to give to those who need them more...very freeing! :)

Liesl :)

FourJedis said...

Fun! My husband's family is from Cleveland! We spent it catching up with friends, hitting the beach, and enjoying each other's company! I'm on travel for work this week.