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Wednesday, October 13

Frogtown Trail Challenge 2010

If I had to choose my favorite race of the year, it would be the 10 mile Frogtown Trail Challenge, hands down. This race has quickly become an annual tradition in our family. This year started on a beautiful, cool, crisp October morning. It was an absolutely perfect day for a race.

Before: clean, cold, and happy

What makes this race so much fun are the many obstacles that you encounter during the ten miles. It's not just running... there's a mile in ankle-to-knee deep water, multiple hill climbs (one of which is brutal!), a few ditches that are traversed with the help of a rope, a couple log crossings, and lots of mud. Also, the participants are excited and happy. From the seven years old tothe seventy years old, the sense of camaraderie is almost tangible.

The race takes a bit longer than your average ten mile trail run due to the obstacles. The intermittent spells of just running are through gorgeous wooded trails, covered in leaves and through a section of overturned logs.

With it's challenging and enjoyable course, enthusiastic and supportive volunteers, and beautiful location, the Frogtown challenge a great tradition that we have begun and can't wait to continue with next year's event.

After: muddy, wet, and happy

Fear the Frog!

images courtesy of Frogtown Director Crew (Thanks, guys!)
copyright Hiking in Stilettos


AsianCajuns (Cath) said...

OMG, that sounds impossible! You guys are inspirational. i get out of breath walking up a flight of stairs. Love how you still look very stylish even when running through mud and water!

heather said...

aww! you guys don't look muddy at all! and the weather looks like fabulous running weather! so much fun! i love a good obstacle course, especially if it doesn't involve paperwork :)