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Tuesday, October 12

Schoolhouse Rocks

I have gotten quite a few questions/comments recently about my day to day wardrobe with being in graduate school. My schedule often requires me to dress up anywhere from once to three times a week, but when I'm not in skirts and heels, I typically don the prerequisite college attire of jeans and flats. I admit that it's often easy to thrown on dark skinnies and a white tee (hello, 8 am Pharmacotherapy exam), but I try to pair that with fancy flats and a statement necklace. More often I counterbalance my jeans with mismatched prints and low-key wedges.

UO button down, The Loft scarf & boyfriend jeans, American Apparel tank, Target earrings, socks & wedges

What do you wear to class or on dress-down days?

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Liesl said...

Loving the plaid shirt and I'm starting to think I need one for Fall! :)

Liesl :)

Anna Walker said...

Sometimes I wear sundresses but mostly I am trying to find cute tops (like yours) to wear with jeans and a sweater :)

Ann On and On... said...

Honestly...something loose, but I try to keep it casual.

Regnboge said...

Oh, I love plaid shirts, one can wear them anytime. I have two flannel ones (which I got from my father) and I often end up wearing one of them when I'm having a lazy day, or if I don't really have the great outfit inspiration for school. And it works greatly^^

Those shoes are amazing!

clare @ the pretty walrus said...

Great look. Loving that first picture especially x

liz said...

i definitely agree with the jeans and flats as school-wear. and i really like the plaid with paisley look!