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Sunday, January 23

Five {little} Blessings

This week began with an extra day off and remained relatively quiet thereafter. There were a couple beautiful days of sunshine and warmer weather, which were a welcome change from the cold. And while I'm still adjusting to my new routine and look forward to weekends more than ever, I've found little ways to make the days just a bit sweeter.

Five {little} Blessings
A bowl of fruit shared with husband on Monday morning.

Five {little} Blessings
This necklace that jingles when I walk.

Five {little} Blessings
Fabric for recovering our newly found vintage sofa.

Flive {little} Blessings
A pair of spring wedges that will look great with socks & tights.

Egg muffins that make a scrumptious breakfast.


copyright Hiking in Stilettos

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Happy Monday! Do you know of a good fabric store in Atlanta or athens or somewhere in between?

And....those biscuits look delish!