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Saturday, January 29

Five {little} Blessings

This week somehow sped by yet moved at a snail's pace, leaving me ready for a Friday night at home with husband. I tried to soak up some relaxation this weekend in an effort to make it through the whirlwind of the next few weeks.

Perfect green avacados that were made into guacamole and shared with girlfriends.
My favorite Essie polish, Ballet Slipper.

Remembering some of my favorite trips from the fall & looking forward to spring adventures.

This little guy singing outside my window. I especially love his mohawk.

A Saturday morning trail run with husband.

Where did you find happiness this week?

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April said...

yayy for pretty nails, guacamole with girls and looking forward to spring!

Anonymous said...

I found happiness this weekend with coffee and sharing the newspaper with my hubby.
Love the photo of the bird--I am loving his mohawk as well.

Cat said...

Great list! A perfectly ripe avocado is definitely something to be happy about! How cute is Mr. Robin...mohawk and all :) xo Cat