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Saturday, February 12

Five {little} Blessings

Things have been a bit quiet lately as I'm running the gauntlet of six tests over two and a half weeks and still adjusting to being separated from my man during the week. I've said it before, but spending so much time alone really makes me value the little ways that I try to find happiness during the week....

A happy yellow tablecloth to brighten up the kitchen.

Green smoothie
Green smoothies & a powerful miniature blender to make them in.

An early Valentine.

Flowers for Your Hair, My Dear
Flowers that go in my hair.

Being a wife.


copyright Hiking in Stilettos

1 comment:

Lesley said...

aw, i love this! please share your green smoothie recipes. i would love them. that clip in your hair is so pretty. kevin did a great job! xo