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Friday, February 4

Spring Colors

Every year I look forward to spring and the plethora of colorful garments that slowly begin creeping into my favorite stores. As much as I love navy and have come to love it as a neutral in my wardrobe, this year I am all about the yellow, turquoise and sweet, sugary pink.

1. Twist Hem Blouse - Topshop
2. Cupcake iPhone case - Modcloth
3. Floral Suitcase - Liberty
4. Cotton Floral Print Dress - Marc Jacobs
5. Silk Chiffon Blouse - Chloe
6. Teal Sunglasses - Forever 21
7. Silk Printed Tank - Thakoon
8. Color-soaked Skinnies - APART
9. Enameled Ring - Topshop
10. Leather Flower Cutout Belt - Topshop
11. Good Morning Sunshine Wedges - Modcloth
12. A Little Bit of Indie Rock Dress - Modcloth
13. Silk crepe de Chine top - Marc Jacobs
14. Springtime Oxfords - Forever 21

What colors are you looking to for spring?

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April said...

I love the neon yellow with the teal/turquoise. and peach! and pink!

I'm totally looking forward to wear red with orange and orange with yellow and neon pink and turquoise blue and florals and basically every other pattern or color on the planet.

Claire Kiefer said...

I really love yellow. It's time for a new yellow sundress, I think! Spring is essentially here in California. :)

Anonymous said...

I am also loving the yellow. Fun and spring-y.

McMel said...

i'm really just looking forward to seeing a color besides white again... so it doesn't matter to me!