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Tuesday, February 22

Yellow Belle

For the past few spring seasons, I have shied away from the color yellow. Perhaps it's because of my pale complexion, a need for pink {which honestly never fades}, or simply my love of patterns, I rarely buy yellow. In fact, I own exactly one yellow top. (Seen here.) That being said, I think it's about time to increase the amount of yellow in my wardrobe. From soft, buttery hues to vibrant sunshine colors, here are some of my favorites.

1 - Creased Swirls Corset - Anthropologie
2 - Colorblock scarf - Forever 21
3 - Bonsai Print Tie Front Shirt -
4 - Trapeze if You Please Tank - Modcloth
5 - Pastelling Secrets Dress -
6 - Key Lime Bralette -
7 - Stone-washed Twill Classics - TOMS
8 - Burnout Stripe Oversize Tee - Topshop
9 - Quicken Wedge Sandal - Nine West
10 - El Dorado Eyeliner -
Urban Decay


copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Anonymous said...

I am loving yellow too! Love the first top and the striped oversize tee.

fee @ chipper nelly said...

Thanks to my stupid pledge (to NOT buy a piece of clothing for the whole year...what was I thinking!?)
I can't add any new colour to my (bulging) wardrobe...and I too am fancying a little more yellow, it's SO spring, and so gorgeous with pink (also too hard to resist any time of year).
Found my need slightly helped by over purchasing yellow and pink pansies for outside my workshop!!
lovely blog, and great name!
fee x

April said...

yellow is the best color ever! it's like an instant happifier :)

LeS said...

Was Just thinking the same thing today. Loved the last dress! Popped into H&M today and they has some really cute yellow items in for the spring season! Happy Shopping!

McMel said...

i'm also in a yellow-free zone. i just can't do it!

abigail said...

#8, I die.

Heather Taylor said...

Pretty, pretty pieces. I love #1.