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Thursday, October 13

Southern Traditions: {Paleo} Fried Okra

Southern cuisine is often synonymous with unhealthy. And while buttermilk fried chicken and homemade peach cobbler aren't exactly the healthiest of options, there's a lot more to Georgia cooking than butter and flour. When I was little, my favorite Sunday dinner consisted solely of vegetables. Lima beans, zucchini and squash with onions, baked sweet potatoes, and, the pièce de résistance, friend okra. Since I've given up flour, I decided to recreate one of my favorite indulgences with a paleo-friendly version. And while the effect wasn't quite the same, it was really quite tasty.

After washing and slicing the okra, I breaded the pieces in almond flour mixed with garlic, salt and pepper. Then fry them in batches in hot grapeseed oil or coconut oil. It's that easy!


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trishie said...

OMG that looks amazing. I look the crunch and texture of okra...but have no idea how to cook it. Recipe, please?

FourJedis said...

That looks really good. Do you reuse the oils or dump them? Some of the specialty oils are so pricey!!