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Thursday, November 17

Day 17

Dear accessories living in my closet,
Don't tell the clothes, but you may very well be my favorite part of dressing. Glitzy jewels, fun nail colors, chic clutches, and wedge heels, oh my! I enjoy the daily quest for the perfect combination of accents equally as much as the simplicity of a pair of pearls.

Dear squirrels living in the oak trees in our yard,
I love watching you hunt around in the trees for acorns and chase each other when someone steals your stash. Your mannerisms are really quite amusing. Just don't hide any acorns in my potted plants... that might be awkward when I find you digging up my mums.

Dear little MacBook,
Thanks for keeping up with my ridiculous amount of presentations, projects, and papers over the last six months. You've really earned your keep lately. Not to mention housing all my pictures and blogging! I am thankful for you. Please don't quit.

Dear Christmas season,
I am so very thankful for you. The months of November and December are among my favorite - the cold weather, the sparkly decorations. But most of all I enjoy the time with my family, the warmth of great company, laughing and crying as old stories are told, and the promise of the birth of a holy child, my Lord & Savior.

What are you thankful for today?

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