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Sunday, November 20

Days 19 & 20

Last week was by no means a bad week, but it was long. Filled with early mornings {hello 4:30 am wake up call}, long hours at the hospital, and quite a lot of reading, the week felt much longer than it actually was. By Friday afternoon I was completely spent {I contemplated a nap when I got home on Friday but luckily realized that a nap would easily turn into me sleeping until Saturday morning}, and I was so very grateful for the weekend....

For not setting my alarm and for sleeping past 7am.
For scrambled eggs with balsamic salsa, turkey bacon, & spiced apples.
For curling up on the couch and watching a movie.
For the fact that my husband makes me laugh uncontrollably.
For time to meet deadlines, work on projects, and catch up on blog reading {clearly a priority}.

{more gratitudes}
What are you thankful for today?

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Anna Walker said...

Balsamic salsa sounds delicious.
I am glad you had a great weekend!

I am thankful for family, and finally attempting to catch up on my own blog reading! I've been away for too long!

Liz said...

This weekend has been spent sleeping in, indulging in some wonderful food & too much wine...and finally catching up with my favorite blogs.
I absolutely LOVE you gratitude daily really is often the little things that are just so wonderful but often overlooked.
Today I'm thankful for: cinnamon iced coffee, great music to work out to, rosemary added to potatoes, and an overall lazy weekend :)