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Thursday, January 5

HiS Traditions: New Year's Day Hike

New Year's Day in the south is synonymous with a meal of black eyed peas and collard greens as a means of ensuring wealth in the coming year. While we always observe this tradition with my parents, last year husband and I started our own tradition of a NYD hike. This year our adventure took us to the rocky and beautiful section of AT that climbs Blood Mountain. The trail is lined with rock outcrops and mossy trees that are hauntingly beautiful in the winter.

The day was cool and overcast, and unfortunately, the rain let loose as soon as we reached the top of the mountain and continued for most of our hike down. We took Sam with us, and the rain terrified him, so there was no time for picture taking as we headed back to the car. Despite the weather, we had a wonderful time and decided that perhaps this experience meant that we would be able to weather the storm together in 2012. {Although after 2011, it's safe to say that we've already weathered the storm and came out of it stronger than ever.}

The top of Blood Mountain promises an incredible view and ample photo opportunities, and we plan on returning in the near future.

Happy New Year.

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FourJedis said...

What a great idea! It's fun to carry traditions from our childhood on through adulthood, but I love making new traditions with my husband and kids. It's such a special thing to share. Gorgeous pictures!

Unknown said...

That looks absolutely perfect. We have a new tradition of getting out to the woods for Thanksgiving, it's so peaceful and exactly what I need before the hectic holidays.

I've never hiked the AT, but I want to. I've logged enough miles in the Grand Canyon now that I need to switch it up and see some forest.

Filip said...

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