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Friday, January 6

Have a fun and restful weekend!

This is my last weekend of freedom before I start back on rotation Monday, so I plan to soak up every sweet moment. Lately, I've been feeling out of the loop and longing after the lives of work-at-home moms and bloggers, so this weekend is about focusing on all the incredible blessings my life holds. It's so easy to get weighed down with what our lives aren't, and I really don't want to lose sight of how wonderful my life is. 

This weekend we may also start looking {preliminarily} at a few houses we'd like to buy (!!!) which is simultaneously exciting and scary. Nonetheless, I've been overcome lately with finding the perfect pieces for my home. So, I leave you with this amazing store to fill your weekend clicking, since you know, I want everything they have. 

Have a fun and restful weekend.

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