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Sunday, January 22

Little Moments

Last week went by painfully slowly despite having Monday off. I battled headaches during the beginning of the week and came down with a full-blown cold by Friday. And although the weekend was shadowed by grey rain clouds and thunderstorms, it was exactly what I needed.

We made blueberry banana almond-flour pancakes and rode our bikes in the living room. I had Sunday afternoon coffee with my mom, which somehow always manages to make everything right in my world.

Sambo sat on a stool. We saw a pig outside of CVS. Sambo slept in front of the heater while we watched Mad Men and got a vest to keep him warm.

My paperwhites bloomed. I found an incredible chair at the thrift store and white Pottery Barn-inspired plates. I bought a red "brief case" to make my days at the hospital a bit more cheerful.


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1 comment:

Unknown said...

I love that you saw a pig outside of CVS. That is amazing. He's so cute...I think I would have been forced to bring him home with me. Sambo is ADORABLE. I must meet him soon. Doggie play date?? Miss you - hope you're feeling better, friend.