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Monday, January 30

Surviving Winter: Workin on My Fitness

Over the past few years, I've noticed that for me {like many others} January and February are the most difficult months to push through. The holiday cheer has long since dissipated, the mornings are dark and the days are cold, and all I can think about is cheerful spring colors and sunshine-filled days. So I've decided to start a series of posts about my secrets to surviving winter. While I do love a rainy afternoon movie marathon, I refuse to let the weather dictate my mood, and after a difficult 2011, I have vowed to try and live my life to the absolute fullest {cliché, I know, but sometimes clichés are just so true}.

One thing that I think is essential to surviving winter is staying active. Whether it's yoga in the morning, lifting a few weights or an evening run, I find that a good workout always boots my mood. And while it's hard to believe, exercise actually gives you more energy, especially when you're tired. It's often hard to motivate myself to get outside in the cold, so I turn to bright colors and warm layers to help beat the winter workout blues.

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