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Tuesday, January 31

Walled Off

While I tend to shy away from overly filled walls, collages are one of my favorite ways to occupy wall space. In fact, the only items hanging in our living room are a mixed assemblage above the couch. The other four walls are virtually empty (save for a couple of hooks by the door for storing coats and purses). Our collage consists of a central vintage landscape painting, two metal letters, a set of antlers, a 1800s map of Georgia, a vintage gold and crystal candelabra, and a few bird prints. I like to mix modern with rustic for an eclectic spin and throw in a few printed pieces (both vintage and new) for good measure. Here are some of my current favorites for adding a bit of text (and inspiration) to your walls.

What do you put on your walls?

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Claire Kiefer said...

Anais Nin is always my favorite. :) I have at least two prints with her words on my walls.

Erin said...

I LOVE the fox on the rocket-so adorable!

Unknown said...

so getting that Avett Bros print.