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Monday, February 13

Surviving Winter: Paleo Recipe Roundup

We all know that the post-holiday season is the most common time to try and become healthier. And while I am certainly not opposed to this {remember that cleanse?}, I like to think of the winter months as opportunities for building better habits. For me this comes in the form of trying and perfecting new recipes. It's so easy {especially during winter} to fall into the routine of cooking the same meals, and this often leaves me bored and craving all the things I just cut from my diet. In order to combat the winter we-eat-the-same-three-dishes-every-week blues, I often turn to these paleo recipe sites:

Nom Nom Paleo {added bonus here ~ she's a pharmacist too!}

Some of my current favorites......
pumpkin coconut maple custard
cowboy breakfast skillet
brussels sprouts chips 
balsamic winter bake
coconut chicken nuggets

Happy {paleo} cooking.

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Lesley said...

yes! that's how i feel. same three things. we did have some yummy brocolli and garlic tonight that i loved. thanks for the site recs! still can't wait to make the recipes you sent me!


FilipBlog said...

I am not so in favour of healthy food but your pictures are great. Love the colours.