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Monday, January 9

January Detox: Week One

I know a lot of people aren't big on resolutions, probably because a large portion of the population uses the new year to make unrealistic goals they never attempt. I however, love the idea of starting anew. Each day is another chance to improve, to change and to grow. Granted, you don't need a new year to do this, but I think it helps  put the mind in a good place. {Especially after the holiday season, which is so inundated with sweets and treats that are somehow  equated with happiness.}
Over the last year or so I have been eating a {mostly} paleo diet, but with a hectic school/work schedule and not enough hours in the day, I've recently made compromises that I'm not happy about. So now seems like the ideal time to embark upon a four-week cleanse* {no time like the present, right?}. Husband and I are creating our own hybrid of the whole living detox and the Dr. Junger Clean cleanse (find some of the recipes here).


This week is kind of a pre-cleanse week where we cut out foods that promote inflammation and/or are difficult to digest. That means:

NO dairy
NO grains/wheat/gluten
NO caffeine {say what?! my five am commute is gonna be rough...}
NO sugar or sugar substitutes such as agave and honey
NO alcohol

It's smoothies for breakfast, salads and veggies for lunch and more veggies for dinner. I'm also skipping out on meat for the week. Snacks will consist of kale crisps, pumpkin-flax crackers {recipe to come}, and carrots with apples.

I think the things I am most looking forward to are the possibilities of less headaches, sinus congestion and backaches and more energy to start my day. {Gosh, I sound so old. Ugh.}

Here's to a healthy, happy year.

*I am absolutely not an advocate of any detox or cleanse that requires you to only drink lemon water or olive oil or anything similar. Your body needs nutrients, and starving yourself of those nutrients in no way benefits you. A detox filled with raw, organic vegetables and fruits is a great way to give your liver a boost and rid your body of toxins.

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Lesley said...

you go girl! can't wait to read more about it. have a wonderful week ash!!

trishie said...

A very healthy new year to you too!