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Wednesday, February 29

When I Grow Up

With only eight weeks of school left (!!!!), the hot topic with my fellow pharmacy students is what everyone will do with his/her first paycheck. This past year of rotations meant working 40 plus {big emphasis on the plus here} hours a week without pay, and outside jobs are difficult to work into such a schedule. Husband and I haven't been able to justify spending money on things that we know could wait until I start working full time. But now that freedom is a mere two months away, I've allowed myself a small list of things my first year of few paychecks may supply.

A stand mixer
A brightly colored pencil skirt
A killer pair of heels
New bedding
A custom leather holster for my sweet husband
A new bag 
A washer & dryer
A new bed
{husband and I are going to make our own -- a minimal, dark wood bed frame}
A new computer for my sweet mother

The yellow version of my favorite carryall for my sister

And so the countdown begins...

copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Lesley said...

sam and i feel so honored to be included in your wish list! i can't wait to show him. love you guys and i'm so excited for you!

Ann On and On... said...

Good For You! I hope you get everything on your list... I have one started myself. (We are finishing grad school in a few months. A real check will be nice... :)

I have a Kate Spade from years ago and LOVE IT! Good choice! :)