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Monday, March 19

Southern Traditions: Paleo Chicken Pot Pie

I had this post scheduled for last week when I was very pleasantly surprised to see my dear friend Lesley share the recipe on her blog! I wanted to wait to publish this recipe after someone else had tried it, and according to Les, it was a hit. Growing up it was admittedly one of my least favorite meals {I was super picky as a child. My poor mother...}, but now this pot pie is on regular rotation in our house. The crust is my favorite part -- crumbly and salty with scallions baked right in! I am overjoyed to share this recipe with anyone who will listen. So take a quick hop over to Lesley's blog {one of my daily reads} and see what she had to say!

Added bonus: this is a great recipe for when battling a winter cold. Full of vegetables, lean protein and fiber -- exactly what your healing body needs.

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1 comment:

FourJedis said...

That looks delish. I'll have to give it a try this weekend!