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Tuesday, April 24

A Big Thank You

Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments on Friday's post. It honestly warms my heart to know that you all share in my joy over this accomplishment.  From IRL friends to blog-bonded friends and acquaintances alike, your support and encouragement are deeply cherished. 

I think that one of the most rewarding things about this internet society is the founding of new friendships - across town, across the country and even across the seas. As cliche as it sounds, I truly enjoy reading your comments, catching up on your blogs, and building those relationships that otherwise would have never existed.

So thanks. For your encouragement, your comments, for reading and for exploring this world of internet friendships with me.


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McMel said...

i missed your post friday, but congratulations! are you still sighing in relief?! way to go!

Unknown said...

ASHLEY! I was thinking about you and how I thought you should be graduating about now. Then I remembered your blog :-) So happy for you and your accomplishment. A new house I see, too. Congratulations!

Elizabeth Shay said...

So true-the relationships and support surrounding the internet community is amazing. It's crazy the joy that reading my favorite blogs can bring about-
Thank you for wording it so gracefully and congrats on this wonderful time in your life :)