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Wednesday, April 25

DIY: Song Lyric Art

A while ago I posted about how this Switchfoot song spoke so directly to my heart. Since then, I've decided to create a piece of art as a daily reminder that even my innermost being is constantly longing for the love of my Savior.

I'm completely new at this as I have no experience in screen printing or design, but here's my first draft, a simple word document. Not bad for a pharmacist, I'd say. Since many of you are way more artistically inclined {ahem, Lesley, Natalie, Lar} than yours truly, I would like your suggestions. I like the idea of a colored but neutral background, small text in different directions, and the use of a limited color pallet.

As for the printing process, I'm not sure whether to use a screen print company or try out the local FedEx Kinkos. Thoughts?


copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Lesley said...

love this idea! you are so creative, quit trying to act like you aren't;). these lyrics are beautiful. can't wait to see it in person in your new house!!

trishie said...

I quite like the fonts you used...and the colour scheme. But can't help but notice the word 'blood' is repeated? Maybe it was intentional? Not sure...