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Wednesday, April 11


These past couple weeks have found me in a constant state of daydreaming... drumming up ideas for a professional wardrobe, scouring Outside magazines for tropical summer destinations, and perusing paint colors for our new home.

Dream world.
crop tops, summer trips, champagne, fashion magazines

Too bad I actually have work to do, right?
presentations, manuscripts, studying for boards

This time next week, however, my dream world will become my reality.  
{For my first week off, I plan on ignoring the fact that I still have to study for the board exam. I think it's a well-deserved few days of ignorance.}

One week, people. Just one more week of school left.. forever!

Until then,

copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Unknown said...

One week!!!! Then we get to hang out and CELEBRATE!

How did you make these cute collage things?

Ann On and On... said...

Daydream away....your almost done! Congrats!