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Monday, April 9

Weekend Adventure No. 331: Upper Chattahoochee Campground

Lately husband and I have both been suffering from a bit of wanderlust. Maybe due to the insanely beautiful weather, the long list of upcoming changes in our lives, or just the constant need to feel connected to nature... either way, we needed a little weekend escape. Our original plan was to head back to one of our favorite spots in Tate City, but despite our early morning arrival on Saturday, all of the campsites were taken! After getting over our disappointment and scouring the map for another campground, we decided to head to the Chatahoochee River area. The site where we ended up was just perfect. In fact, it may very well be a new favorite of ours.

The weather was simply gorgeous on Saturday with warm sunshine and a cool breeze. It cooled off a bit after sundown, making the campfire the perfect companion to storytelling and dreaming up ideas for our house.

This was the pup's first camping trip, and suffice to say that he's definitely found the right family with us. He loved the water... After he realized it was okay to get in, he went bounding through the river full force. More than once he caught a wild hair and ran full speed in circles picking up sticks and running into trees {I kid you not}. It's safe to say he enjoyed the adventure.

We are planning a return trip in the future with plans to visit this section of the AT, which is nearby.


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Lesley said...

you guys are so cute! so glad you had a great trip. i confess that i'm not a very good camper, but these pictures make me want to be! xo

Unknown said...

You guys are such pros!

I love that you guy and Sambo found each other. Perfect match!

Love these sweet pics!

palmandpineblog said...

You can't go camping without the Hunter boats :) Love the first pic!

xo, tasha
twenty-something blog
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Ann On and On... said...

Loved this post. Getting away, the sounds of nature and seeing your dog enjoy a different-carefree way of life is...priceless.

Knowing it's always there makes difficult days a little better.