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Tuesday, June 26

Light it Up

One of the first projects I have taken on in our new house is the master bathroom. It honestly needs quite a bit of work {envision carpeted floors, no tub, and a sliding door shower}, but for now I'm transforming the spaces with paint, hardware and textiles and new lighting. One of my current challenges is the lighting over the sink and mirror. Here are some of my inspirations that combine both aesthetics and functionality.

This weekend the plan is to transform the oddly placed window in the water closet into a beadboard shelf. Pictures to come!

Also, how about a lighted tub?

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Unknown said...

Love the gold pendants and the crystal bulbs....and the more modern bronze sconce. Oh, the options. Can't wait to see what you guys do with the window!

McMel said...

ugh. sliding shower doors! our last rental house had them and we were allowed to remove them and do curtains... now we're in a new house- with sliding doors. i can't get away from them!