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Thursday, June 28

Workin on My Fitness

Well, it's official. I'm a member of Crossfit Decatur!

Today was day three of my in-gym WODs after a year or so of on and off Crossfit workouts at home. I felt that I was limited by my {lack of} available equipment and wanted feedback about technique and form, so I decided it was time to find a local affiliate. And after just three days, I couldn't be happier. Currently, my upper body strength feels shot, my arms and shoulders are sore and my back is super tight, but all of that just means that I pushed myself far, built strength, and got a great workout. 

So here's a day off tomorrow and oh so many more WODs.


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Unknown said...

So happy I have someone close to me to commiserate with! I skipped yesterday and this morning, so I'm making myself go to one of the afternoon classes.

Clients said...

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