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Monday, July 30

Under the Weather

Last week was a complete blur of groggy days, stuffy noses, and shoulder pain. I shouldn't be surprised, really. The two weeks prior to my recent summer cold included pretty poor nutrition choices. I ate more sugar than I normally would, with a bowl of ice cream for dessert almost daily, and quite a few other not-so-great items. It's incredible how reintroducing sugar into your diet can alter the way you feel so dramatically. {read more on sugar tantrums here}

I finally went to see the chiropractor about a chronic shoulder issue that has recently flared up. It was a good visit, and she was able to 'unglue' some of the muscles in my shoulder, but the after effect was a 45-minute long muscle spasm and cramp the following day. Talk about intense. I've never experienced anything like that before, so needless to say, I was scared. I took the rest of the week off from working out, since even a light jog made the pain come back.

So here's to Monday. To making much better nutrition decisions {starting a whole 30 this week!}, to eating vegetables with each meal, to hitting the gym at least four times this week, and to pushing through this shoulder issue.

What are your goals for the week?

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Lesley said...

sorry to hear you've been sick. i had a bunch of sickies in my house this weekend. no fun! hope your shoulder gets to feeling better too. that muscle spasm sure does sound intense! feel better!

FilipBlog said...

Great colours, they almost jump out of my screen.


mj said...

Certainly, health boosters are just in our kitchen pantry. I used to have muscle cramps after a visit to a chiropractor, too. I just rub Vicks Vaporub or menthol oil on the affected area and I'm good after a few minutes. Needless to say, the day should be spent relaxing from strenuous activities.