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Wednesday, August 1

Weekend Happiness

This past weekend husband and I took a lover's jaunt over to Athens to see one of our favorite artists - Alison Krauss and Union Station. Their songs remind me of early morning drives to North Georgia -- warming the truck in a pitch black morning, frost on the windshield and steaming coffee in hand, bleary-eyes from just a few hours sleep but so excited about the adventure ahead. They remind me of when we first realized our love for each other, the moment we decided that this was a forever thing, and they way love can be so simple sometimes, and so complicated at other times.

The show was incredible, simply put. There was no opening act, no frills. Just the band, the stage, and the packed theatre. The sound was crisp and pure, and amazingly, their voices sounded exactly like their albums. Had I not been able to see the stage so clearly, I could have been fooled into thinking we were listening to a CD. After the show we wandered around downtown Athens, reminiscing of our days in school there, my recent graduation, and our first 'official' date that occurred on a very similar night, so many years ago. We stopped at our favorite low-key hangout to watch the rest of the opening ceremonies, then made our way over to the inn where we stayed on our wedding night.

 Saturday morning we had breakfast at one of our favorite places {our other favorite didn't open til 10... apparently we're early birds} and made a quick Trader Joe's run before coming home to pick up our sweet pup. Honestly, I think we both missed him a little. It was good to be back home, even after just one night away.

What did you do this weekend that made you happy?

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KBroome said...

Love your blog, have been following for a while now. I am from Carrollton, GA- just 30 min. from Atl. I like seeing the outdoorsy trips you and your husband take. Where is your favorite place to camp? My husband and I and friends make a trip to Suches once a year and we love it. I would like to try somewhere different this year though, even if it requires a little more driving. I'm rambling, now, but once again, love your blog!

AsianCajuns (Cath) said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend! I haven't been to Athens in over a year which is just shameful.