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Thursday, September 20

DIY Industrial Sconces

One of the things I am excited to share with you is the process of recreating our new-to-us home. Admittedly, the place is dated and a little too country for our liking, but it's nothing a few gallons of paint and some elbow grease can't fix. So, I've come up with a 'This Young House' series which will highlight some of the things we are doing {or having done when it's beyond our skill level}. Naturally, we have a laundry list of projects, large and small, but we've decided to start with the small ones and work on just a couple rooms at a time... but more on that later.

One of the first areas we decided to tackle was the master bedroom. We want the space to feel calm and almost cave-like while still seeming airy and welcoming. For us that means a neutral color palette, layers of linens on the bed, and a few meaningful, dramatic details.

As for lighting, we decided on sconces versus table lamps to save precious bedside real estate for books and water glasses. Most of the sconces we liked were on the pricier end, so we decided to recreate a version of these. The process was really quite simple once we figured out what supplies we needed. 

two steel brackets {not shown above}
two lamp sockets
two lamp cords
a pack of steel nipples {no snickering}
a back of hex nuts

Other master bedroom projects:
- WALL ART: I'm waiting for the autumn/winter collection of these decals. I want to place the decal on a piece of old wood stained the same color as our imaginary bench.
- PAINT: While we've already painted the walls what we thought was a silver grey, a darker slate grey will be going up in a few weeks.
- A BENCH: We are building a bench for the foot of the bed out of some leftover wood and hairpin legs.
- HARDWOODS: As I've mentioned before, the carpet in this room is heinous. Simply heinous, people.
- {FAUX} COWHIDE RUG: We're envisioning a unique, dramatic rug to place under the bed after our hardwoods make their appearance.

More home improvement projects are on the way. There are so many!
Happy Friday.

copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Cailean said...

Looks great! Can you share the bench/hairpin legs photos when you're done? I've wanted to do that but can't find inexpensive-enough hairpin legs!

Lesley said...

i love it! looking so good. you're gona have that house looking magazine ready in no time! love you. have a great weekend.

AsianCajuns Lar said...

Ooo love these sconces, Ashley! Well done, both of you! You are making me so wish we didn't rent our flat -- I want to paint my walls a soothing gray color!
Can't wait to see more DIY/around the house decor!

Anonymous said...

Great idea with the wall sconces. I really love your pillows - where did you get them, if you don't mind sharing your secrets. :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea with the wall sconces. I really love your pillows - where did you get them, if you don't mind sharing your secrets. :)