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Wednesday, September 19

Let There Be Life

When I was little some of my favorite days were spent in the garden with my mother. I loved trips to our local nursery where I would help her choose flowers, ferns and trees for our yard. We would pick out colors based on the season, grouping them together like making new friends. She was so patient with me, teaching me how to correctly pot the plants, and I had my own pair of child-size gloves and a set of garden tools. Our house was always filled with garden life, from potted house plants to vases of flowers from the gardens outside, so it's no surprise that I fill my own home the same way. I love being surrounded by elements of nature, beautiful living things that bring so much happiness to a room. 

 What is special to you that you bring into your home?

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Unknown said...

Great idea to bring a cactus in the house. I wouldn't kill that since they don't require much water. How long do you think it would take Marley to stick his nose in it?

KBroome said...

I love fresh hydrangeas from my yard and tomatoes and peppers from my garden!