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Thursday, December 27

{What I'm Wearing} Elfish

Levi's chambray, F21 sweater, Anthropologie necklace, Loft corduroys & boots, vintage bracelets, Michael Kors watch, gifted Dior 'Rouge" lipstick

Something about the red pants and pointed boots made me feel a bit like an elf last week as I was running around doing last minute Christmas errands. So much so, that I figured a mug of spiced cider was the perfect companion to my present wrapping, dessert baking, and general merry making. It was a great weekend-before-Christmas weekend.


FYI, as husband was taking these pictures he so sweetly informed me that he doesn't like this outfit. Bah humbug.

copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Kelly said...

I like the outfit!

Quick question - what do you use in your hair to make it wavy? It looks cute but not crunchy and I have a hard time finding anything to make it that in between stage.

Blake said...

Well I like this outfit and I LOVE your hair color/length/scrunchiness. Love.