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Wednesday, January 23

Sambo's First Year

It hardly seems like it was a year ago we added sweet Sambo to our lives. When we got Sam we were living in a small rental house far from our family and friends, had just lost K's mom to cancer, and were looking towards my last six months of pharmacy school. It was a difficult time in our lives, but also filled with moments of joy. We grew closer as a couple as we struggled through those six months together. And we added Sambo to our lives. 

Since then, he has been on many adventures with us, and it's hard to imagine life without him. Coming home every day is so much sweeter when there is a furry face and wagging tail to meet you. He gets so. excited. And evenings are filled with laughter as he tries to sneak his way onto the couch to cuddle. {Sam weighs about 55 pounds but believes himself to be lap-size.} There's no doubt this furry little creature has wiggled his way into my heart and taken up a permanent residence. 


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1 comment:

Unknown said...

SUCH a sweet boy!! My favorite is still the one of him staring his friend down. I also love the one of the two of you cuddling. Love me some puppy cuddles.