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Friday, May 3

Sensing Happiness

family room inspiration
Ever have one of those weeks that just flies by because you are so swamped? One where when you finally make it inside at the end of the day, all you have time for is a quick dinner before you fall into bed? When even though you had fun things planned for your blog you only actually get in one post?
Yeah.... This week was like that.
I'll spare you the details as I'm sure they are interesting only to about two of my readers {hi mom and sister}. Instead I leave you with these few small things that filled my otherwise hectic week with happiness.

listening  love this song by wild cub. we may have had a couple dance parties to it already.
smelling  this delicious homemade citrus cleaner which pairs perfectly with one of my favorite kitchen candles
seeing  re-reading an old favorite that always gives perspective
tasting  a new favorite recipe - turkey basil artichoke meatballs. pairs perfectly with sauteed kale and is whole30 approved.
touching  damp earth and green plants - we are finally planting our summer vegetable garden this weekend {in between rain showers!}.

happy weekend!

copyright Hiking in Stilettos

1 comment:

Tatjana said...

I Love Wild Cub thanks to you for sharing your Sense of Happiness