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Saturday, May 4

Pre-Babe Bucket List*

Talk of little babes has been constant in my circle over the last six months. One of my sweetest friends had her second little girl in November, just after the new Year two of my closest girlfriends found out that they are expecting {and only a few weeks apart!}, and many other ladies I know are adding to their families as well. 

All this talk of babes has husband and I thinking about what we want to accomplish or experience before we take that step ourselves. And while you can't always plan these things {as was the case in the majority of my friends' pregnancies}, it's nice to have goals. At least it is for me. {Hello, type A}. And as excited as I am about the prospect of littles, here are a few things that I'd like to experience before we bring them into our lives.

~ have one big adenture trip with husband
~ complete a sprint triathlon
~ finish our backyard and build a patio
~ go on a mission trip to Haiti
~ run a half marathon
~ take sambo to the beach
What would you put on your pre-babe bucket list?
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*This is NOT an announcement, just so we are clear. :)

1 comment:

McMel said...

i think these are all amazing- and something i wish we had done prior to having ian... but... he was kind of a planned surprise.

i think i most regret a trip. we haven't been on a big trip since our honeymoon, and 6 years later are still trying to plan something- and then here comes another baby.

i definitely think you can do the triathlon... heck, i did one after having a baby! good luck!!