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Friday, May 24

Sensing Happiness


This three day weekend has perfect timing. We were at a stand-still all week with our patio project due to the monsoon type rain we've been having, so time to work away! We also have plans to peruse a local art festival and have dinner with family, catch up on some Game of Thrones, and spend quality time as a little family. Hope you have a lovely Memorial Day weekend!

Seeing: Inspiration for our work-in-progress outdoor space {and the shower it will hopefully soon host!}.
Hearing: My friend Jason blesses so many people with his sermons. the Lord is using this man in a wonderful way.
Tasting: These chicken + apple sausages. i make them at least once weekly {or twice if we are being honest.}
Smelling: The sweet combination of cardamon and rose for summer.
Touching: These insanely comfortable sandals - perfect for work and for play. I love them so much I may order a second pair in black.


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