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Sunday, May 19

The Great Shoe Debate: Style versus Comfort

Being on my feet all day every day means that I have to be careful about my footwear decisions. As much as I love my stilettos and four inch wedges, they just aren't feasible when standing/walking ten hours a day. Even my favorite flats and flat sandals tend to fall short on comfort after walking around in them for more than a few hours. I've found that I need both a comfortable sole and a bit of arch support {hello, high arches that I loved as a ballerina}. The challenge is finding comfortable shoes that are also somewhat stylish. And while these styles aren't exactly fashion-forward, they are pretty cute alternatives to aching feet.

And just for fun, some of my current favorites that don't make the wear-to-work cut... or maybe I could wear them for a half day? 

I currently own the Dansko Thea wedges in nude, and I love them. They aren't quite as comfortable as the standard orthopedic Dansko clogs, but they are much more comfortable than regular flats. {Two words: arch. support.} I'm also ordering the Worishfer wedges in black because I've actually been wearing Crocs ballet flats all week. My feet are hurting that bad. I like to pretend I'm wearing one of the cute styles directly above, but in reality, it's Crocs flats. I know. I've reached an all-time low.
Any comfortable shoe suggestions? I'm all ears.

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