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Tuesday, May 14

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As I have gotten older I have noticed that my type A personality traits have become much more apparent in my daily life. I've always enjoyed making plans, writing lists and organizing my days, but I have realized over the past few years that it's more than just something I enjoy. Planning and listing is a way to calm myself and steel myself toward productivity, especially when I am overwhelmed. My mind works in rational, scientific ways. I work through problems in a logical order, from an issue at work to finding that lost bobby pin in my car. My closet is organized by color {ROY G BIV, anyone?} and within each color, it is organized by sleeve length. I also recently broke out some geometry when K an I were mapping out our soon-to-be-built patio. {He laughed, but my C=2(pi)r determined  the length of one side of the walkway, so it worked. Just saying.} Everything in my life has a place. Add in a profession that demands perfection, and you've got some serious type A tendencies.

While I truly believe that these traits enhance my professional attributes and serve to maintain my sanity as I juggle my daily life, I also believe that we all need time to disconnect. To toss out the lists, to not make plans. To find yourself curled up and napping on the couch with your pup at 3:00 on a Saturday afternoon. I also find serenity in the outdoors, especially camping trips like this one. And while there is quite a bit of list-making, planning & organizing involved, once we reach our destination, all bets are off. Often we have a vague idea of a hike we want to take or make tentative plans to watch the sunrise, but for the most part our days are free. No schedules, no phones, no computers. Just us and the trees, the river, the sky. I need this time to balance the scientific nature of my brain, to tap into my creative side, to ground me.

And now it's your turn.  What are your type A tendencies? 
And what are your tricks to make sure you don't go overboard?

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