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Wednesday, June 19

Back to Reality

Husband and I spent the last eight days exploring and adventuring in the Chiriquí providence of Panama. Zip lining, waterfall hikes, white water rafting, exploring volcanic islands, incredible food (including the freshest fish possible)... In short, it was amazing. I didn't want to leave. And I probably wouldn't have left if it weren't for things like missing my family and friends. Oh, and those pesky student loans and mortgage payments. 

I have some posts coming up detailing our trip, the hotels and activities. Oh, and some pretty amazing pictures.


copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Unknown said...

aaaah...I can't wait!! Those ocean pics are killing me right now!

Unknown said...

I love fashion , however I also do a lot of hiking and casual wear , so I really enjoy seeing those pics of your outfits ;) its pretty easy to really dress but it is more difficult to mike hiking clothes look stylish ;) soooo please more of those pics please...

Unknown said...

please show more of your hiking fashion photos please, it is easier for me to "dress up" however it is more difficult to look stylish hiking or backpacking ;)