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Wednesday, July 3

Deconstructed Omelette Salad

My current go-to egg concoction is the deconstructed omelette salad. The original idea centered around a product that is apparently seasonal at Trader Joe's, so we had to adapt our original idea, but the outcome was just a delicious as the original would have been.

ghee or olive oil for the pan
plenty of organic greens {spinach, kale, spring mix}
grape tomatoes 
sauteed onions and bell pepper 
three slices of organic lunch meat {we use applegate organics}
two eggs {or however many you desire}
crumbled goat cheese {optional}
sliced avocado

Add some ghee to the pan and sautee the greens, tomatoes, and already cooked onion and bell pepper. Toss in the diced deli meat and let all the ingredients wilt and mix together. Crack in your eggs and stir as they cook to your desired consistency. Once the mixture is done, add to a bowl and top with crumbled goat cheese and/or diced avocado.

Once fall comes back around, we will revisit this recipe with a couple seasonal tweaks. I'm thinking shaved turkey, spinach, basil pesto and perhaps some cranberries...


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1 comment:

Unknown said...

I just started the Whole 30 plan today and I'm glad I found your site!! This looks yummy.