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Thursday, July 4

{Thoughts} The Man in the Uniform


You often hear it said that women love 'a man in a uniform.' You know, the police officers, soldiers, even the suited federal agents. All the law enforcement types. But I never really fell into that category. In fact, when I was in college I routinely stated that I would never date or marry 'a man in a uniform.' I dated musicians, mostly. What can I say? I was a slightly rebellious young woman. I wanted someone unique, artistic. But despite my young words and lack of wisdom, I married a uniform. And that man is strong, caring, respectful, kind and hilarious. It's amazing how the Lord provides you with things you never even knew that you needed. Like security, protection and the promise of love and provision. I know that my husband will always do what is right, will love and protect me and our family in every way, and will fill all of my days with as much happiness as possible, even in the difficult times.

So you see that uniform doesn't just represent authority and power. It represents protection, security, endless love and support, a man who does what it right, even when it is difficult. It represents strength in the midst of uncertainty, leadership and gentleness.

Thank you, all of you men {and women} in uniforms, for being all of those things. And today especially, thank you to all of you {men and women} who wear the uniform of a soldier.

Happy Independence Day.

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