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Monday, September 30

Meal Planning: 9/30 thru 10/5

 While the idea of meal planning seems to be everywhere these days, it's definitely nothing new to a paleo household. I'd even say it's critical for eating clean on a daily basis. I often get questions about what my daily meals look like, so I'm hoping this will help. Each Sunday, husband and I spend a few hours in the kitchen making a huge mess preparing food for the week - typically one or two dinners, something for lunch, and either a breakfast dish or a snack. Here's what we cooked {and are eating} this week:

I used sliced ham instead of prosciutto, fresh chopped kale instead of spinach, diced green onions instead of sauteed onions, and omitted the mushrooms. I've also recently become obsessed with roasted garlic, so I used that instead of its raw counterpart.
Pair a muffin {or two} with a handful of almonds or cashews, half a grapefruit, or some breakfast sausage. Delicious and portable!

Left-over spaghetti squash and meatballs from the weekend {a good sauce is key for this dish} OR mix green salad with oven-baked chicken and homemade paleo ranch OR sweet potato, bacon and egg salad {also a good breakfast option} with a mix green salad.

Nom Nom Paleo's thai curry chicken with asian cauliflower fried rice. I made a few edits here too, using whatever veggies I had on hand, which happened to be carrots and broccoli for the curry. I also left out the bacon for the rice since we were eating it with the curry and omitted mushrooms {not big mushroom fans over here} and the Red Boat Fish sauce because I can't find it at the store. This dish will feed us two nights and maybe one of us for lunch.
Health-Bent's pumpkin chili with avocado cream. I'm a sucker for anything pumpkin, and this is one of our all time favorite chili recipes. We add diced butternut squash into the mix for more texture and some extra veggieness. The avocado cream is delicious, but if you don't have time to make it, no worries. The chili is great on its own. Plus, it freezes well and makes for good leftovers!

I saw this recipe for GF homemade cereal bars the other day and decided to give it a shot. I plan on making a blueberry version of these tomorrow during my off day to use for snacks or for breakfast. {I leave the house by 6:30am most mornings, so I usually opt for grab and go foods.} Not stirct paleo, but most treats aren't.

We made the curry & rice and egg muffins on Sunday and also baked chicken for salads and cut up veggies for snacks. Tuesday I plan on making the cereal bars and the pumpkin chili. And that's how we do it!

Happy paleo planning.

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